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Advantages of cash and settlement services with Zepter Bank

free of charge service for a year for all new customers (monthly subscription fee of 0 Belarusian roubles for the Start Partner package);RKO Zepter Bank.jpg

virtually a second "reserve" current account ( apart from the account in the primary bank);

Zepter Bank carries out payments for the purchase of goods, customers can pay for goods in different currencies;

Zepter Bank payment cards can be used abroad. Moreover, Zepter Bank payment cards enable customers to make payments for goods and services on foreign websites;

Zepter Bank customers can receive a loan for settlements with their suppliers / purchase of goods under a simplified procedure - in Belarusian roubles, US dollars, Euros, Russian roubles. at reduced rates;

the customer has no need to visit the bank to open an account - all documents are sent electronically, afterwards an employee of the bank will visit the customer himself and provide all documents for signing and EDS key. Accounts are opened within 2 hours from the moment of submission of the title documents;

personal account manager will advise on all service issues, starting from account opening procedure, finishing with consultations on compliance with currency legislation, etc. In addition, personal account manager will also recommend the optimal settlement route.

Cash and settlement services include:

  • provision of account statements, references;

  • acceptance and processing of settlement documents in Belarusian roubles and foreign currency;

  • crediting of funds received to the account holder;

  • transfer of funds from Zepter Bank accounts;

  • acceptance, control and processing of documents submitted by customers during foreign economic transactions;

  • registration (re-registration) of transactions under foreign economic agreements;

  • acceptance and issue of cash in Belarusian roubles and foreign currency;

  • currency exchange transactions;

  • consulting services on execution of settlement documents, use of settlement forms, application of legislation standards for transactions in foreign currency and Belarusian roubles;

  • other transactions stipulated by the legislation of the Republic of Belarus.

For more information on cash and settlement services for legal entities and individual entrepreneurs, please contact us at:

Minsk: mob. +375 (44) 557 17 40    +375 (44) 580 09 64;  tel. +375 (17) 331 78 62; fax. +375 (17) 331 86 53

Brest: mob  +375 (44) 533 66 26; tel.+375 (16) 253 36 11, +375 (16) 253 36 82; fax.+375 (16) 251 81 51

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